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Measurement accessories

Connection heads Offset connectors Cables Connectors Mountings

Connection heads

ERCIAT thermocouples Light alloy connection heads made from composite material,
stainless steel, standard, miniature and ATEX.
Ceramic support terminal boards with 4, 6 or 8 terminals.
Head transmitters factory-set or programmable
per kit.

Offset connectors

ERCIAT thermocouples Offset connections for all types of thermoelectric sensors
(male, female, standard, miniature,
high temperature, cable clamp, panel mount, etc.).


ERCIAT thermocouples Extension and connection cables for thermo-electric couples
and resistance temperature detectors (insulation PVC, FEP, PFA, Kapton, fibreglass, metallic braid, etc.).


ERCIAT thermocouples Connections for all industrial uses
nuclear, automotive, petrochemical, aerospace, marine, etc.


ERCIAT thermocouples Mounting accessories for thermocouples and RTDs. (Stainless steel or PTFE, with o-rings, adjustable strap, for extension cable, etc.).
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