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thermocouples / temperature sensors

Thermocouples Temperature sensors Industrial sensors Special thermocouples


ERCIAT thermocouples Mineral Insulated thermoelectric couples (jacketed thermo
couples) with different fastening systems and
connections (offset socket, extension cable,
terminal board, etc.).

On demand: Type K, N, S, J or T

Ø 0.25 to Ø 8 mm simple, duplex or triplex

Hot weld grounded or insulated

Type of sheath:
Inconel 600 - Stainless steel 321, 304L, 316L - Pyrosil/nicrobell D...

Temperature sensors

ERCIAT thermocouples Resistance temperature detectors (temperature sensors Pt 100...)
with different fastening systems and connections
(socket, link cable, terminal board, etc.).

Jacketed / tubed / straight or elbow shaped

Sensitive element Pt 100 or Pt 1000 1/3 or 1/10 DIN

Extension by cable (to be defined) or direct connector or industrial head output on demand…

Range: - 200 / +650°C

Ø on demand…

Industrial sensors

ERCIAT thermocouples Industrial thermocouple sheaths by thermo -
electric couples or resistance temperature detectors, with protection

Thermocouple metal protector:
- Refractory steel
- Stainless steel 304L, 316L, 321…
- Ceramic and other on demand…

Specials thermocouples

ERCIAT thermocouples Special thermoelectric couples, by surface contact,
to be glued, with sinking, fully moulded, etc.
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